Send video clips to Youtube
The MOLE can automatically upload video clips directly
to Youtube. You can choose to upload private videos that only you can see, or share them with your coworkers, friends or family.
  Advanced H.264 video compression technology
H.264 technology delivers high-quality videos, even on low-bandwidth networks to give you excellent results.
  Easy 3-step setup
With 3 simple steps you can get your MOLE up and running, without needing complex technological know-how.
  Remotely control the Pan & Tilt
You can remotely control the Pan (270º) and Tilt (125º) of your MOLE from any browser.
  Built-in DVR (requires SD Card)
The built-in DVR enables you to save video at the MOLE site, so that you always have a backup copy of your videos if the internet connection is interrupted. Or, you can use the built-in DVR as the primary storage place for your videos.
  Viewable from iPhone
You can view your MOLE directly from your iPhone's internet browser.
  Motion detection and alerts via Twitter or email
When the motion detection captures something, you can get immediate notifications with image attachments via email or Twitter. Sophisticated motion detection enables you to control how much movement will trigger a recording.
  Wireless WiFi camera
You can place the MOLE anywhere there is a WiFi hotspot, instead of where the network outlet is.
15 Ir LED lights for Nightvision
Supports simultaneous browsing by up to 5 users
Multi-browser compatible (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
Firmware upgradeable
Built-in microphone supports two-way audio
Automatic fault recovery and re-connection after network interruption
Supports wired/wireless networking