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No software updates available
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How to install firmware

1. Please complete the setup process for your MOLE camera first before attempting the firmware updating process below.
2. Connect your MOLE to your router via Ethernet cable (Do not use WIFI and do not power down during firmware updating process).
3. Download the firmware update, and then unzip the file.
4. Access the control interface to view through your camera, then click on System, and then click Initialize.
5. In the Upgrade filed, click on Browse to select the firmware file, then click on OK to start.
6. The update progress bar will appear. The whole process will take a few minutes, so please be patient when updating.
7. After the update, please allow some time for the MOLE to reboot, and log on again to see the camera with the new firmware.

Note: Firmware update won’t change any setting in your MOLE.