Use the MOLE to make sure your baby or children are receiving proper childcare at home while you’re away at work, or use it to see and hear them when you’re far away on business trips. Easily record videos and upload them to share with family and friends!
Ever wonder what your pets do all day while you’re away? Wonder no more, you can sneak a quick look at them from your computer or iPhone anytime, anywhere. Or use the MOLE to record their antics and upload videos to share with your friends.
Protect your home, family, and property: The MOLE can detect changes in motion and automatically records them so that you have the evidence you need to give to police. Or use the MOLE cam to see and talk to your loved ones, without the need to have a computer at the camera site.
Use the MOLE cam to protect your inventory and prevent theft, or post quality videos to your company’s website to promote your business! You can monitor your business from home or when you’re away on travel. You can receive automatic email alerts in your inbox when the MOLE detects motion.